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Friends of the Mines Museum: A Community United for Earth Sciences

Who We Are

The Friends of the Mines Museum is a dedicated non-profit organization that brings together a dynamic community of corporations, families, and individuals. What unites us? A shared enthusiasm for Geology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, and a broader awareness of Earth Sciences. Our alliance is a testament to the collective effort to foster understanding and appreciation for the fascinating world beneath our feet.

Our Mission

We’re not just a community; we’re a mission-driven collective. Our aim is to mobilize resources—both financial and volunteer support—to uplift the educational and community outreach programs organized by The Colorado School of Mines and Earth Sciences. Through seminars, workshops, exhibits, and educational tours, we strive to make Earth Sciences accessible and engaging for people of all ages.

Why Support Us?

By becoming a part of our extended family, you not only contribute to a greater understanding of Earth Sciences but also receive a variety of unique member benefits. These benefits range from exclusive access to new exhibits and guest lectures to discounts on workshops and special events. Membership is more than just a contribution; it’s an investment in knowledge, community, and the future of Earth Sciences.

Membership Tiers

We offer several tiers of annual membership, each designed to suit different levels of interest and commitment:

  • Individual Membership: Ideal for students and individuals, this tier offers basic access to events and a regular newsletter.

  • Family Membership: Bring the whole family into the fold with added benefits like family workshops and guided museum tours.

  • Corporate Membership: Tailored for corporations, this tier offers branding opportunities and VIP access to special events.

How To Get Involved

Joining is simple, but the impact of your membership will be long-lasting. Here’s how you can become a part of our community:

  1. Sign Up: Choose the membership tier that fits you best and complete the sign-up process on our website.

  2. Contribute: Apart from financial contributions, we welcome volunteers to help with events, research, and community outreach.

  3. Participate: Keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming events, workshops, and opportunities to engage with the community.

  4. Spread The Word: Your enthusiasm is contagious. Invite friends, family, or colleagues who share an interest in Earth Sciences to join us.

Ready To Join?

Take the first step in becoming an integral part of a community that values Earth Sciences. Join us today and enrich your understanding of the world, all while contributing to a greater cause.

For more information about member benefits and ways to get involved, please read further on our website or contact us directly. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the awareness and education of Earth Sciences.

Become a member today and let’s journey towards a deeper understanding of our planet, together.










Curators of the Friends

Peyton Jackson, Chair, Board of Directors
Adam Brucker, Secretary, Board of Directors
Pete Modreski, President, Board of Directors
Lesley Sebol, Board of Directors

Markus Raschke, Professor, University of Colorado, Board of Directors 
Rusty Lowdermilk, Board of Directors
Sherman Marshall, Board of Directors
Jay Abbott, Creative Director, Board of Directors

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